When AI Meets Biology

Meet Pfizer's Systems Immunology Group odd couple and find out how they combine computer science and biology to work toward new breakthroughs in medicine.

An Accord for a Healthier World

Where people live shouldn't impact the quality of their healthcare and income shouldn't determine health outcomes.

How to Protect Planetary and Human Health

Extreme weather, raging wildfires and record-breaking temperatures all affect our health and underscore the urgency of accelerating Climate Action. Learn how Pfizer is joining global efforts to help mitigate climate impacts.

A New Look on the Uninsured

Through Pfizer's Multicultural Health Equity Collective, we're partnering with 35+ national and community-based organizations to address health disparities.

Connected. Active. Involved.

Welcome to the official website for retirees of Pfizer and its legacy organizations.

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