Focus On... Cold and Flu Season

Flu season typically runs from November through March. It is important to protect ourselves from germs that are easily spread during this season. Common colds are also typical during this season.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy —
Why You May Need an Eczema Care Team

If you have atopic dermatitis—the most common type of eczema—you may be all too familiar with the periodic flare-ups and the itching that often is worse at night and can interfere with sleep.

Considering Looking for Love Online? 6 Tips to Get Started

I was an early adopter of online dating. I went on my first “internet date,” as it was known, around 2005, when there was still a stigma around meeting people via the computer.

In Praise of People Who Bloom Later in Life

Rich Karlgaard believes deeply in late bloomers. After all, he himself fits what he sees as the definition of a late bloomer — “a person who fulfills their potential later than expected.”

A Mission to Help Others Find Friends After 50

Having meaningful friendships may be critical to physical, emotional, and mental well-being, as the Harvard Health Letter points out. The problem: making new friends later in life can be difficult.

There's no one way to

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