Focus On... Arthritis

In the United States, 23% of all adults—over 54 million people—have arthritis.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy —
What to Do When Someone Is Having a Seizure

Seeing someone have a seizure can be frightening. Knowing what to do — and what NOT to do — can help you manage the situation.

Love is in the Air: Long-Lasting Relationship Advice from People Who Know

Author and journalist Mignon McLaughlin said it best: “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Six Summer Habits to Continue in the Fall

The pleasures of summer fade too quickly for many of us. We can’t prevent temperatures from dropping or command the sun to remain out until 8 pm as the weeks go by. But as fall approaches we can make a commitment to continue some of the habits and activities that make summer so joyful.

From Paul’s Perspective: Five Ways Vietnam Shaped My Life

The events of that day — and the consequences — are never far from my mind.

There's no one way to

Fear Less. Live Longer.

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