Get the Most from Your Pfizer Prescription Drug Benefits

Most retirees use their prescription benefits more than any other part of their health care coverage. When you fill a prescription, it’s important to check if your pharmacy participates in Caremark’s network. When you present your Caremark ID card at a network pharmacy, you only pay the co-payment charged by the plan and the pharmacy takes care of the paperwork for you.

If your pharmacy doesn’t participate in Caremark’s network or if you use a network pharmacy but don’t present your ID card at the time of purchase, you’ll have to pay the full cost of your prescription and submit a paper claim form to Caremark for reimbursement, even if it’s for a Pfizer drug. You also may not be reimbursed for the full amount you were charged — Caremark reimburses drugs based on the rate they would have paid to a pharmacy in their network, while your out-of-network pharmacy may charge more for the same drug. You’re responsible for the difference in cost.

To get the highest benefit available under the Pfizer Prescription Drug plan, use a Caremark network pharmacy and always present your ID card, or take advantage of Caremark ‘s mail-order service. To find a network pharmacy of find out about Caremark’s mail-order service, visit or call 1-866-804-5881. Warner-Lambert Pre-’92 and American Optical retirees should contact Aetna at 1-800-348-5252

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