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Staying Hydrated: Tips and Benefits

Every summer is hot; however, experts are predicting an increase in temperature compared to last year.

The Antigen Podcast Season 2

The Antigen is back with a special mini-series focused on COVID-19. In this first episode, we’ll share what we’ve discovered from past global health emergencies. What did we learn from Ebola, MERS, cholera, and how does it compare to the current coronavirus? How do we recover? We’ll also wrap up with the latest headlines on Pfizer’s response to the crisis.

How Skin Conditions Get Worse With Stress — and 4 Ways to Cope

Ever suspected that stress wreaks havoc on your skin? You’re not imagining things. And while it may feel like your skin is waging a personal attack on you, it’s simply biology at play — and there’s some science to prove it.

Sweet Science: How Insights into Fructose Metabolism Are Helping to Fight Liver Disease

If you check the labels on your favorite jarred marinara sauce, low-calorie salad dressing, or loaf of bread, you may be surprised to find that they contain added simple sugars — one of the most popular forms of which is high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a sweetener used in many processed foods.

Uncovering New Biomarkers to Better Understand Friedreich’s Ataxia

Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) is a debilitating rare genetic disorder that causes progressive nervous system damage and movement problems. Often starting in childhood, the early symptoms include difficulty walking, poor balance, and slurred speech.

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