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National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month and a great chance to raise awareness about preventing heart disease.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy —
More Than a Furry Friend:
The Health Benefits of Pets

Beyond the joy they add to our lives, pets have been shown that they may provide a variety of physical and mental health benefits, such as decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and feelings of isolation.

Breakthroughs that Change Patients’ Lives

At Pfizer, our purpose is the pursuit of breakthroughs that change patients lives. We welcome you to explore with us as we delve into the foundations, past and future of science’s impact on our health.

The Future of Flu Season: How RNA Technology Could Revolutionize Vaccine Production

Every year, millions of people get the flu shot. Although the vaccine provides protection for many people, some people still get the flu, in part, because the influenza vaccine production cycle starts at least six months in advance of the flu season.

In Conversation with the Data Hippie: Using Real World Evidence for Better Medicines

Despite having the Twitter handle @DataHippie, you won’t find Chris Boone in a tie-dye T-shirt proclaiming the merits of free love.

Janet Neal and Shirley Parker Reflect on 50 Years of Memories at Rocky Mount Facility

For decades, a manufacturing facility in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, has felt like a second home to Janet Neal and Shirley Parker, who just celebrated their 50th work anniversaries this year.

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