Three Principles of Responsibility for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) can catapult us toward tremendous breakthroughs in healthcare — if we use it ethically and build in responsibility.

A Billion Doses Delivered: 3 Lessons from the Fight Against Trachoma

Trachoma was eliminated from much of the developed world by the 1950s. Yet, it still causes blindness, disability, and suffering throughout the world.

What is Sarcoidosis?: Your Questions Answered

Imagine waking up one morning and finding tender, red bumps all over your skin. Your vision is a bit blurry, so you check your eyes in the mirror. They're red and teary. Is it allergies? This scene describes the reality of life with sarcoidosis.

5 Inspiring STEM Women Who are Making Medicine Happen

In the United States, statistics about the representation of women in STEM seem to be disappointing. Here are five at Pfizer who are defying the odds.

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