Supporting India in Its Time of Need

Hear from Pfizer CEO and President Albert Bourla about the company's planned response to the humanitarian crisis facing India as it battles a second wave of the coronavirus.

Meet Dacia Young, a Senior Associate Scientist Within the Vaccine Research and Development Group at Pfizer

As a scientist working on vaccines in the middle of a pandemic, Dacia Young understands the impact vaccines have on public health.

An Immune System “GPS” Uncovers Pathways to Treat Diseases

When it comes to understanding the immune system, we’re in the age of a data “traffic jam.” Thanks to advances in gene sequencing technology and decades of research, we’ve amassed a huge trove of information, but utilizing it to drive new insights can be challenging.

Is Remote Clinical Trial Monitoring Here to Stay?

With the world in the grips of a deadly pandemic, many in the pharmaceutical industry, researchers, and clinicians leaned on remote clinical trial monitoring - primarily because they had no other choice.

COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Modernizing Clinical Trials

The coronavirus pandemic has helped modernize clinical trials, enabling patients to participate more easily from home.