Pfizer to Provide U.S. Government with 10 Million Treatment Courses of Investigational Oral Antiviral Candidate to Help Combat COVID-19

The Truth About COVID-19 and Black Fungus

The novel coronavirus has recently been linked to two serious fungal infections: COVID-19 associated pulmonary aspergillosis (CAPA) and COVID-19 associated mucormycosis (CAM).

Pfizer's Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Applying innovative perspectives gained from working with suppliers that bring diversity, Pfizer is better able to improve patient care through these connections to a more inclusive group of communities, thus improving health for all.

For Education, Support, and Assistance, Patient Advocacy Groups Can Help

A medical diagnosis can raise countless questions and concerns. One way that patients can empower themselves with knowledge and surround themselves with support is by finding an advocacy group.

Anatomy of a Clinical Trial: The Purpose, People, and Phases of Clinical Research

From 2010 to July 2021, reports that the number of registered clinical trials more than tripled, growing from 100,208 to 384,288 and counting.

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