We're Breaking New Ground for Patients

In 2021, we reached an estimated 1.4 billion patients with our medicines and vaccines. That's more than one out of every six people on Earth. Never before has Pfizer's patient impact been so wide-reaching.

The Meaning of Moonshot: Lessons in Leadership to Last a Lifetime

I never thought I would author a book - and certainly not in a language other than my native Greek - but Pfizer's path to creating a breakthrough COVID-19 vaccine became an important chapter in human history, and I felt compelled to share details of our nine-month mission that led to that remarkable day.

What is a Variant?: Understanding the Virus Game-Changer

Viruses are different from one another in many ways, including how well they spread and which parts of the body they attack.

Insurers and Middlemen Profiting More From Prescription Drugs

Vaccines continue to help keep millions safe despite an ever-changing adversary, and there is new hope in the form of treatments that may prevent the most severe outcomes when infections do occur. While science drives us forward, we are also focused on the common goal of finding ways to lower healthcare costs for patients.

Connected. Active. Involved.

Welcome to the official website for retirees of Pfizer and its legacy organizations.

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