Nexium® 24HR Is Being Added to Pfizer’s ‘Zero-Cost Prescription Drug List’

Starting June 1, 2016, coverage for Nexium® 24HR over-the-counter (OTC), a Pfizer Consumer Healthcare product, is available under Pfizer’s prescription drug program. If you are enrolled in a Pfizer Retiree Medical Plan option, including the Post-65 Prescription Drug-Only option, you can obtain Nexium® 24HR (OTC) at no cost when purchasing this product with a prescription at a CVS Caremark network pharmacy.

While Nexium will now be covered as both a prescription product and an OTC product (if purchased using a prescription, as described below), there are some differences in their indications for use:

Nexium® 24HR (OTC) Prescription NEXIUM® or Generic Esomeprazole
  • Indicated for frequent heartburn only (heartburn occurring 2 or more times a week)
  • Available in 20mg dosage only
  • Indicated for GERD (treatment of heartburn and other symptoms associated with GERD)
  • Available in 20mg and 40mg dosages

Speak with your provider to determine if Nexium® 24HR (OTC) is right for you. For more information on Nexium® 24HR (OTC) visit

To take advantage of receiving Nexium® 24HR (OTC) at no cost:

  • You MUST get a prescription from your doctor for Nexium® 24HR (OTC) and have him/her check the “Dispense as Written” (DAW) box. If asked why you need a prescription, let your physician know that, with a prescription, Nexium® 24HR (OTC) is covered at no cost under Pfizer’s prescription drug program.
  • You MUST take your prescription to the pharmacy counter at a CVS Caremark participating pharmacy along with your CVS Caremark member ID card to get Nexium® 24HR (OTC) at zero cost. You may want to bring this communication with you to alert the pharmacist that Nexium® 24HR (OTC) is now covered under Pfizer’s prescription drug program.

Note: If you purchase Nexium® 24HR (OTC) in any other manner, including at the “regular” front-of-store checkout, at a newsstand, or through a Pfizer company store, it will not be covered under the prescription drug program so you will pay the full cost. To be eligible for coverage under Pfizer’s prescription drug program, a valid prescription must be presented at the pharmacy counter. Coverage for Nexium® 24HR (OTC) is also available through CVS Caremark Mail Service. If the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy is used, due to packaging limitations, it will require that your physician write the prescription for an 84-day supply.

Prescription brand and generic Nexium (20mg and 40mg strengths) will continue to be covered under Pfizer’s prescription drug program, subject to the applicable coinsurance amount.

Questions about Your Prescription Drug Coverage or Locating a Participating Pharmacy?
For more information, visit the pharmacist at a CVS Caremark participating pharmacy, call CVS Caremark at 1-866-804-5881, or visit To locate a nearby CVS Caremark participating pharmacy, log into and click on Pharmacy Locator under the Plan & Benefits menu.

Why Is Pfizer Covering Nexium® 24HR (OTC)?

Nexium® 24HR (OTC) is being covered under Pfizer’s prescription benefits because the 20mg dose form is available as both a prescription and an OTC medication.